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This page was setup to collect and document Open Source and Linux uses at Marshall University.

Linux support and documentation for on-campus users.

While Linux is not a fully supported desktop operating system at Marshall. The IT department at Marshall makes an effort to implement standards based technologies expected to work across all computing platforms. If you have a Linux related support question, contact the IT service desk to open a support ticket.

Open Source Community involvement

Chef configuration management

Two of our System Administrators, Eric G. Wolfe and Gerald L. Hevener Jr. are Approved Contributors, and active members of the Chef community.

Chef-client JIT (Just in Time) Installer

Having standardized on RHEL and CentOS at Marshall... We really wanted an easy way to deploy the latest, and greatest, version of Chef to our servers. Using rvm we rolled our own makeself installers. The installer even builds the most recent version of Ruby for the machine its running on. Then installs the current stable chef-client from Ruby gems, what a deal!

Chef-client JIT (Just in Time) Installer

See the README on github for additional information.

The source code, and embedded installation scripts, are also available on github:

Zenoss Network Management

The Linux Administration team has been piloting Zenoss Core internally as a replacement for our proprietary Network Monitoring System.

Open Source Documentation and Presentations

Red Hat Open-iSCSI and Device-Mapper-Multipath HOWTO

Members of our System Administration team have collaborated to bring you this step-by-step technical guide. This guide comprehensively documents installation and configuration of Open-iSCSI and Device Mapper Multipath on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Creative Commons License Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Open-iSCSI and Device Mapper Multipath (MPIO) HOWTO

Ohio LinuxFest 2009 - PXE Booting Presentation

In 2009, Eric G. Wolfe presented a paper at the Ohio LinuxFest. The paper covers a lot of the wonderful things you can do with syslinux & pxelinux. There was some very intriguing feedback after the presentation, and a mutual sharing of ideas between the attendees.

Recommended reading related to pxelinux & syslinux

Ohio LinuxFest 2008 - Active Directory & Samba Integration Presentation

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